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Mar 04, 2016
A new beginning...

A new beginning...
Photography has been my constant companion for  as long as I can remember.  Whilst not the significant passion that I now find myself immersed, the camera has never been far from my reach (as documented by my Mother as I tried to wrestle the Box Brownie from my Father in the late 1960's).  Almost unconsciously I have meticulously visually documented every significant (and way too many insignificant) achievements, experiences and moments in my life. Hundreds of prints are stored in boxes (pre digital) and thousands more stored away on portable hard drives awaiting their fate - to print or delete that is the question, a question I'm sure is asked by nearly every person who owns a digital camera. As the world increasingly transforms into a disposable world, I wonder in the future what will become of our digital files. Will they be superseded as technology changes and software updates no longer support our files? Should we be printing more to preserve our images, or in a world of visual saturation are we just taking too many photographs? For now I have improved my ability to hit the 'Delete' button and always ensure the shots that I do take are considered, I will just have to wait and see what the visual future holds for photography.

This blog is a new beginning for me. I have recently completed my Bachelor of Photography, and now I'm looking forward to exploring some ideas for personal projects as well as working with family portraiture. I have never been a great writer, and found myself quite out of my comfort zone while studying at times. I intend to work on my skills as a writer both here on the blog and with some of the projects I am planning - but more about that later. I will journal my photographic journey on these pages and will be sure to share any tips, lessons I've learnt or maybe just a story about the work.  Enjoy L x